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ShiftPal - Employee Shift Scheduling Software

Simple and easy employee shift scheduling.

Ditch the pencil and worksheet. Give yourself some time off while we manage the schedule for you. Here are the features that make ShiftPal shine.

Flexible permissions

With our flexible role based access system you can create unlimited number of roles with fine grained access control.

iCal endpoint

Easily add your schedule in your favourite email client (Outlook, Gmail) via iCal endpoint integration. Use you favourite tool.

Fair pricing

No more tiered pricing with big hops. Pay as much as your business grows. Reduce the cost with the number of employees.

Cloud System

24/7 available SaaS product with full support.We are always open for discussions to evolve our software on demand.


Grow your business with us. Our pricing adapts to your size - number of active* employees. Easy and fair pricing based on your actual usage. We don't like tiered pricing that can greatly increase the price with just a small addition. You can deactivate users that you dont need and the price drops accordingly. If you drop below 5 active users the subscription is FREE.

FREE up to 5 users

$2 / month per active* user
  • Unlimited number of users and roles
  • Flexible permissions per role
  • Leave requests
  • Swap/drop shift requests optionally approved by manager
  • Add special days with coefficient multiplier
  • History of hourly wages
  • All time updates


Pricing FAQ

Do I have to pay upfront ?
NO You don't need to make payments until you pass the 5 free ACTIVE users. After you pass 5 users you will be charged $2 per user in the end of the period.
How are active users counted ?
Active user is every user that has been in "ACTIVE" state during the month (billing cycle). If you add a new user or activate a deactivated user he/she is added to the monthly count.
How often is the billing price updated ?
The prices are updated realtime. If you are the manager you can check you current usage anytime in the application by clicking the "manage" button next to your company name

* We keep a track of all active users during the month and in the end this is the number based on which we charge you.

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